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Danny O'Keefe Releasing Dual Singles in June 2010
Spiritually themed "Pray For Me" and "Father Bernie's Boys" Described as Companion Pieces

"Among the West Coast singer-songwriters who came to prominence in the early 1970's, Danny O'Keefe has enjoyed the least commercial success relative to his talent."
Stephen Holden, New York Times, September 27, 1982

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Fans of singer-songwriter Danny O'Keefe, as well as Danny himself, might wish that this appraisal from 1982 would have been rectified by consistently engaging releases, the accolades of his peers, cover versions of his songs by today's stars and, in the end, time. However the fates of fame may have treated him, Mr. O'Keefe remains the "cosmic voyager with an acute eye for detail" as described then by Mr. Holden. He continues to record and release songs of true emotion and lasting importance to those of us who hear them.

The latest additions to his canon are two songs, deemed companion pieces, being released by the artist in June 2010 as digital-only singles and will be available through iTunes and other online resources for digital content. These new songs revolve around themes of spirituality and religion and go to a place lyrically where most songwriters might fear to tread. The first, "Pray For Me" starts with what is a startling admission in the America of today, "I used to have religion, but I gave it up / I felt like I was drinking from an empty cup." The song then unfolds in a gorgeous soundscape to reveal itself as an intensely felt paean to life and spiritual love.

The second single, "Father Bernie's Boys" was written a few years ago in response to the seemingly endless revelations about abuse in the Catholic Church. As a former altar boy, Danny O'Keefe focused his anger on the Church's apparent systematic condoning of the abuse. A careful listen, however, will reveal that "Father Bernie's Boys" is not a simple morality play. Its story is fraught with deception and regret, even from its "good guys."

But that's the kind of complexity that we've come to expect from Danny O'Keefe, whose recent output author Tom Robbins appraises, "As darkly seasoned with raw experience as it is brilliantly inlaid with poetic insight, O'Keefe's work this past decade constitutes the most moving musical meditations since Bob Dylan's Time Out Of Mind. Unblinking, hammer-hard, love-wise and haunting, these songs stay alive in the mind and the heart long after the laser has moved on."

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