Father Bernie's Boys (Danny O'Keefe)

"Wake up Pat you're due at Mass" was Sunday morning's call
Now how we got into this mess is a mystery to us all
Oh sure I learned my Catechism, got my Latin down
But I was less an altar boy than Father Bernie's clown

Mickey always was his pet, might have been his shyness
He was the little Jack of Hearts, Father Bernie was His Highness
We'd steal into the sacristy to boost a little wine
Prob'ly Mogan David but to us it tasted fine

One morning after second Mass, Mickey came out crying
Wouldn't tell us why it was in spite of all our prying
He never served at Mass again said he didn't want to do it
All of us getting older just assumed that he outgrew it

A couple of years later the bad news made us cry
Mick committed mortal sin when he hung himself to die
Life moves on we all grew up with children of our own
When a story in the paper told us what we should've known

They'd busted Father Bernie for liberties with a child
Locked him up and tossed the key said he was a pedophile
So we all sat down in Murphy's made ourselves a plan
Swore ourselves to secrecy didn't give a good god damn

Filed the legal papers gave the Daily News a call
Said what Father Bernie done to Mick, he'd done to us all
We had a team of lawyers but we never got to sue
The Archdiocese went bankrupt, settlements are due

Now we hear that Father Bernie is some felon's humble slave
Getting just as good as ever that he gave
But all of us are prisoners the memories hold no joys
We'll be known forever as "Father Bernie's Boys"

"Wake up Pat you're due at Mass" I can hear my father call
All of us have our souls to save after the fall
May Christ have mercy on our souls after the fall

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